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Hello. My name is Leo Laporte.

I am a US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. You're visiting my proof of identity at leo.ist. A site controlled exclusively by me. (After the sale of keybase.io to Zoom I stopped using Keybase for this purpose.) You can verify the contents of this page by using my public GPG key labelled "leo@leoville.com (4567B47C)"

I have several other web sites you might be more interested in:

I use GNU Privacy Guard (gpg) or S/MIME signing for email whenever possible. Mail from me will be signed with my PGP key with the short ID 4567B47C or GlobalSign S/MIME certificate ID 582BC167. Email addresses are easily spoofed, but signatures can generally be trusted. If you receive an email from me that is not signed, reply requesting a signed version before trusting it.

If you'd like to encrypt your email to me, or verify a message from me, use my public PGP key: https://leo.ist/Leo Laporte 2018-2022 (4567B47C) – Public.asc. I create new keys regularly so be sure to use this key and not older versions. (This key is dated June 8, 2018 and identified as leo@leoville.com). You may also contact me via the encrypted Signal messenger or via SMS at the phone number below. My phone rejects calls from all unknown numbers, but you can leave a voice message.

My full bio is posted at leolaporte.com/bio.

Contact Info:

Email: leo@leoville.com
Voice mail/SMS/Signal: +1 302-536-8948
Mail: PO Box 1018 Petaluma CA 94953-1018 USA

Answers to questions people frequently ask me:

What's the best way to stay secure online?

Start by using a password manager.

We all need to use passwords all the time. The problem with passwords is that good ones are hard to remember. So people often use weak (but memorable passwords) and reuse them on site after site. A better way is to use a program that generates long, really random (hence unmemorable) passwords and keeps track of them so you don’t have to. That’s a password manager. If you only use your Mac and an iPhone, Apple can do this for you with the keychain. Your browser can also keep track of your passwords, if somewhat insecurely.

Our sponsor, LastPass, is much more secure, and easy to use everywhere. It generates long, strong passwords and remembers them for you. 1Password and the open-source BitWarden are also excellent and work the same way.

Two more important tips:

  1. If you use Gmail, follow Google’s security advice at https://google.com/security – make sure to add a recovery phone number and email.
  2. Turn-on two factor authentication wherever you can.

What programming language should I learn?

If you merely want to get a job as quickly as possible go to one of the many coding camps and study Javascript. If you want to learn the art of programming. I recommend starting right with the free textbook How To Design Programs. HtDP uses the free DrRacket language and IDE. Racket is a lisp, but as they use it in the book it’s a much simplified teaching language. It’s intended to get out of the way so you can learn coding concepts without having to struggle with language syntax.

There’s a well-done free pair of online courses from the University of British Columbia that teaches HtDP at edX.org. I highly recommend them (I’ve done them myself.)

Once you've learned how to think about programs you can study any other language and you'll be a better programmer for it.

Can I promote X with you?

I appreciate your sending along information about your product, service, web site, brilliant idea, or podcast proposal. I wish you all the best. I will read it and store it away for future reference. I don’t meet with vendors, so please don’t ask. TWiT.tv isn’t looking for any more podcasts either, but good luck with your show!

How do I buy ads on your shows?

Advertising Sales for TWiT is handled through Lisa Laporte, lisa@artisanalagency.com. Our minimum buy is $25,000. Thanks so much for your support!!

Please help me!

Thanks so much for writing. Unfortunately due to the volume of mail I get I just don’t have the ability to answer individual questions. I’ll keep your question in mind for use on the podcasts or radio show, though. You might search my radio show web site for an answer. I’ve also found that searching Google can be helpful. If you’d like to ask your question on my syndicated radio show call 1-88-88-ASK LEO from 11a-2p Pacific weekends. I appreciate hearing from you. I hope you understand why I can’t be of much help!

Updated 21 May 2019

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